Forecast your compute costs

The Nerdalize Benchmarker gives you the performance, runtime and costs of your high throughput compute job, and enables you to optimize it. Whether you are on a limited budget or time schedule, choose the cloud provider that fits!

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Compare cloud providers

Difficulties in forecasting your cloud expenses? List-pricings often don’t give you the information you need. Get a benchmark report to easily compare the performance and costs of your job on multiple cloud providers like Google, AWS, Azure and Nerdalize.

Spoiler: Nerdalize offers the best price/performance.

Example Benchmark Report

Utilize your resources

Decreasing runtime often results in an inefficient use of resources. Optimize your job to decrease runtime while increasing the performance of your CPU cores, GB RAM, GB Storage and bandwidth.


Run every job with succes

Does your test-jobs often fail? With Nerdalize it is easy to test if your job will run successfully. Run a free test-job on our Sandbox and see how it will perform in the cloud.

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Why Nerdalize?

See why we can offer a cheaper cloud solution than other providers

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Example report

Others saved up through 60% on the cost of their specific job, read how they do it.

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Prevent vendor lock-in

Integrating container technologies can help overcome vendor lock-in.

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