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With Nerdalize Cloud you save up to 60% on your high throughput compute job, without having to compromise on performance.

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Easily run your compute job on your on-premise system or any public cloud provider without worrying about command line interfaces and instance configurations.

Test your job and benchmark the cost and runtime of your specific job with different providers like GCE, AWS and Azure.

Package your software in Docker Containers and easily share it with users. This makes it easy to run compute jobs at any cloud provider without vendor lock-in.

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Do you want to be able to scale up your private cloud with public cloud providers?

Do you find running a high throughput compute job in the cloud to be complex and time consuming?

Do you lack insight in the performance and costs of your compute jobs?

With Nerdalize Cloud, you are in control.

Maximal performance, minimal costs

Great chance that it is cost efficient to run your job on our servers. Our servers are distributed over homes, so you don’t have to pay for the overhead of a datacenter. This means that your cost-per-job is up to 55% lower and you compute sustainably, as we use the produced heat to heat homes.

And don’t worry, we offer you a great performance as well. All our instances are equipped with SSDs to give you optimal I/O performance and we provide up to 32 GB of RAM per CPU!

Compute as a Service

Our cloud engine makes high throughput computing easy and understandable. You can optimize, run and manage your compute jobs and we give you insights in the performance, runtime and costs. This gives you the chance to focus on your data.


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