Compute in the cloud, easy and fast

The Nerdalize Cloud Engine is a hybrid platform that enables users to easily run and monitor one or more compute jobs, on your private cloud or a public cloud like GCE, AWS or Azure. Save time on setting up a high throughput compute job and gain insights in the costs and runtime per job for future forecasting.

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 User friendly cloud computing

Are you dependent on others to set up your cloud compute environment? With the Nerdalize Cloud Engine running one or even multiple compute job is a piece of cake. Our user friendly interface lets you run a job in just a few clicks. This decreases the time and cost you spend on getting a job running.

Scale up your private cloud

Why spend money at cloud providers when you own an on-premise environment? We build a platform that communicates to Kubernetes in order to run and monitor multiple jobs on multiple clouds. Packaging your software for Docker enable the use of hybrid clouds. Our UI enables you to easily choose to your existing private cloud, a public cloud provider or the combination of these two.


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Monitor the cost and runtime of your jobs

Many cloud providers fail to tell you what you are paying for. Our Cloud Engine shows you a real time overview of your jobs and their cost and runtime. This makes it easier for you to schedule and budget future jobs.



Computing in different industries

Data science and high troughput computing is relevant for many industries: eScience, Medical, Life Science, Media, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil, Gas, Hydro, Geo.

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Why Nerdalize?

See why we offer a more affordable cloud solution than other providers

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On the Deltares Software Days we gave a presentation on why and how we bring Deltares software to the cloud with the myDeltares – Compute as a Service platform.

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