Devices and organisations gather more and more data. When applied right, this data can be very useful in fields like science and engineering. Large amounts of data are used in quantitative analyses, for real-time monitoring and for doing simulations. Geology is a great example of a work field where large amounts of data are handled. For example, GPS coordinates, LiDAR data and satellite images. People need to keep their computers running overnight or during the weekends and are never sure if their computation will be done when they return to their desk the next morning.

The cloud is a great solution for these engineers and researchers, since it gives them access to an unlimited amount of computing power. But how do these users, that do not have an IT-background, get access to all these resources? At Nerdalize we make this easier!

Yesterday, I pitched the Nerdalize cloud platform to a group of geologists at the GeoBuzz event. Using our platform engineers and researchers can deploy a large computation to a cloud provider, without needing knowledge of IT!

The presentation was received very enthusiastically. The nice reactions afterwards gave me the confidence that what we learned from user tests during the development of the platform really appeals to a large target group. This motivates us to keep building a platform that can be used by everybody that wants to handle this growing amount of available data!