Be ready for overflow

Is your on-premise not always sufficient for the number of jobs you would like to run? With our hybrid cloud solution you can use any provider to catch the overflow on your systems. Utilize your own resources to their full potential and scale up to GCE, AWS or Nerdalize if necessary.

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Scale up your computing power

Whether you want to use your private cloud, public cloud or both, by packaging your software for Docker Containers we can scale up your computing power to any cloud provider.


Hybrid cloud

Package your software yourself or with our help to get a standardized Docker image that can be used on different machines.

By using Docker Containers you can run your software on any provider you like, without vendor lock-in. With Kubernetes we orchestrate between different (private or public) clouds.

Find the best provider for your job

Not sure where to run your HTC job? Run a benchmark and find out exactly what the runtime and cost for your specific job will be. This helps you choose the best instance for your job and enables you to budget your expenses.


Budget your cloud costs!

Start with Docker

Visit the Docker website and learn the basics of creating a Docker Container.

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How we use containers

Last year we talked at DockerCon! Check out how we use containers in this movie.

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Use our Docker images

We build some images for public use. Curious? Check out our GitHub repository.

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