One access point for all your High Throughput Compute jobs at multiple cloud providers!

Easy deployment to the cloud of mathematical models and simulations for different industries:


Medical Research

Hydro & Geo Engineering

Oil & Gas Simulations

Financial Models


Easy Cloud Computing

Are you dependent on others to set up your cloud compute environment? With the Nerdalize Cloud Engine running one or even multiple compute job is a piece of cake. Our user friendly interface lets you run a job in just a few clicks.



How do I even get access to cloud?

It often takes much time to set up a machine at a cloud provider. Nerdalize Cloud Engine gives you one easy access point to work on multiple projects with multiple user at different providers. No longer the hassle of setting up a cloud environment


How do I know if my job is going to run?

Test your job fast and free on a Nerdalize instance and instantly know how your job is going to perform in the cloud. Get insights in logs and performance graphs to iterate quickly and maintain a fast process.


Which provider should I choose?

Prefer a short runtime? Or low costs? Request a Nerdalize Benchmark Report and get an overview of the price and performance at different machines and different cloud providers. Choose the fastest or most affordble provider, based on what is important for you.


What about vendor lock-in?

Our hybrid environment gives you access to multiple providers without vendor lock-in. Stay independent of vendors and always be able to switch between providers.


Can I work with multiple cloud providers?

Different project have different requirements. Choose which provider you want to use for every project.


What about our on-premise infrastructure?

You didn’t set up your own infrastructure for nothing. Add your on-premise infra to the platform and utilize it to its full potential. Do you want to scale up? Select a cloud provider whenever you need to catch overflow.


How do I budget cloud expenses?

Do you have trouble budgeting compute? List prices of instances don’t tell you much about performance. A Nerdalize Benchmark Report will show you how much a job will cost based on how long it takes to run on different instances and configurations. This helps you to forecast the runtime and price of your complete project.


How can I keep control of my budget?

Set budget limits per project or user. Setting limits helps you to control costs and avoid unexpected bills.