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A fast cloud for the next generation

Nerdalize is building a different cloud. Instead of constructing huge datacenters, we're distributing our servers over homes. Homeowners use the residual heat for hot showers and to warm their house, and we don't need to build new infrastructure. Enabling you to scale up your computations without wasting CO2 and money.

The Nerdalize Concept

Easy to use for engineers, researchers and developers

CLI illustration

Simple CLI

We’ve designed a CLI that fits your workflow. Whether you’re a researcher, engineer or developer, it allows you to easily run your computations, simulations and analyses on our cloud infrastructure. This saves you time and effort every time you need to use computing power.

Dashboard illustration

Dashboard for management

Working on a project together with colleagues? Use our dashboard to manage and share compute resources for multiple projects and track usage on a per-project basis. You can also set up teams to collaborate on projects.

Images illustration

Ready-to-use software

Nobody wants to spend time on setting up machines and installing software over and over again. We use Docker's container technology to make your software ready to use on our cloud or anywhere else with just a few clicks. This way you don't need an IT expert every time you want to run a job.

Folding proteins
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

We need a lot of computing power for pure biology. How do proteins fold? If we can save the environment while saving costs by computing at Nerdalize... It's a no-brainer.

Water simulation
Delft Inversion

I was amazed by the value proposition of Nerdalize while testing their cloud with our in-house software: immediate and effective support, great people and ultra low prices!

Straightforward and affordable pricing

Our state-of-the-art technology isn’t just better for the environment, not having to invest in building and maintaining datacenters also means we make cloud computing more affordable.

By default we’ll simply bill you by the minute, but we’ve got some different subscription types for projects that are more predictable. Plus we've made data transfers free, so you can easily budget and plan your project in advance.

€ 0.009 / vCPU
per hour
€ 0.019 / GB
per month
Ingress & egress