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Delft3D is a integrated modelling suite, which simulates two-dimensional (in either the horizontal or a vertical plane) and three-dimensional flow, sediment transport and morphology, waves, water quality and ecology and is capable of handling the interactions between these processes.

Running your Delft3D workload on Nerdalize

  1. Make sure you’ve set up Nerd, our CLI.

  2. Upload your dataset.

    $ nerd dataset upload <path>
    105.30 MiB / 194.31 MiB [========---] 51% 4s
    Uploaded dataset with ID 'd-8595d91c'

    Don’t have a dataset at hand? Download our example dataset and unzip it.

  3. Start Delft3D.

    $ nerd workload start -s 2 --input-dataset <dataset-id>
    Workload created with ID: caa9ffb86d65b70f8903
  4. Run your simulation.

    $ nerd task create <workload-id>
    Started task with ID: 1496926723804988010

    You can run tasks simultaneously with different environment variables and arguments. Take a look at the quickstart to see how that works.

  5. Review the simulation logs (optional).

    1. List the workload’s workers.

      $ nerd workload describe <workload_id>
      Workload Details:
      ID:              caa9ffb86d65b70f8903
      Created:         18 minutes ago
      Workers:         nerdalize-base-bwccb-pf54j (Running)
    2. Request the log output for a worker.

      $ nerd worker logs <workload-id> <worker_id>
  6. Check on the status of your tasks.

    $ nerd task list <workload_id>
    TASK ID               CMD   OUTPUT ID              STATUS    CREATED
    1496926723804988010   []    4285668022560720c0a9   SUCCESS   22 minutes ago

    When your task’s status is SUCCESS it’s finished and you can continue to download the output.

  7. Download the collection of output files.

    $ nerd dataset download <output_id> <target_dir>
  8. Stop Delft3D.

    $ nerd workload stop <workload_id>

You’ve run a Delft3D simulation. Awesome!

You can run another simulation or use your own image.
Have any questions about using Nerdalize compute?

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