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Dear Sir / Madam,

Through media you may have become aware of the fact that Nerdalize B.V. by decision of the Court of The Hague dated December 27th 2018 has been declared bankrupt. Mr. Annemiek te Kiefte has been appointed by the Court of The Hague as the trustee in this bankruptcy.

Due to the size of the group of stakeholders in the bankruptcy of Nerdalize B.V. it is impossible to contact each and every stakeholder in person. For this reason all creditors are kindly requested to submit their claim (including unpaid invoices or other relevant documentation) to the trustee in writing via e-mail: vera.voortman@cees.nl.

The trustee is currently investing the options to restart the company and would like to get in touch with interested parties. Interested parties can contact the trustee via e-mail: annemiek.tekiefte@cees.nl.

You have to take into account that the settlement of the bankruptcy can take some time.

If you are interested in following the progress in this bankruptcy you can visit the website: https://insolventies.rechtspraak.nl/#!/zoeken/index. On this website periodic reports, made by the trustee, are published. In due time these reports will also give information about whether or not there will be any payment on claims of creditors and whether or not a restart has succeeded.

Kind regards,

Mr. A.Y. te Kiefte