Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Full-time in Delft, Netherlands

Nerdalize find-awesome-people dept.                                [page 0]
RFC-IE 2017                                                February 8, 2017

Request For Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

At Nerdalize ( we're building an affordable, easy, 
and transparent cloud for large HTC workloads, by heating homes 
( Say wuuut?! Yep, really. This way
homeowners heat their house for free with our excess heat and our compute
customer gets the best price/performance (
We think this is pretty neat.

Do you know your stuff when it comes to networking, managing bare metal,
istributed storage, OS/network security and cluster ops?
Then you’re our type!

If you also consider "Linus" or "RMS" as the name of your first born
(or already did!) AND we can call you 24/7 when our stack (i.e. your
life’s work) has the hiccups, we will love you forever and ever.

Your Interface with Nerdalize

- Impact and responsibility from day 0. You’ll be building the foundation
  of our stack.
- A high performance team where cutting edge technology is the name of the
  game. If you know of something even newer and better, we love to hear it!
- No network bubble here. Together we are a full stack team and we're
  always looking to understand what the rest of the team is doing.
- Weekly demo time to show the whole team what crazy stuff you’re working
  on. In return you get a cold beer, meaningful feedback and some well
  deserved praise.
- Champagne to celebrate success together, or a pep talk to help you learn
  from your mistakes.
- Fun teammates for weird lunch discussions, team days, drinks,
  parties, and more.
- A workplace at Europe’s biggest high-tech incubator: YES!Delft. The
  place is buzzing with young, vibrant people with a passion for
  Friday drinks, foosball, and working on great ideas to change the
  world (think: exoskeletons, rockets, bird repelling lasers etc. etc.).

Your Skills Packet

0      7 8     15 16    23 24    31
|             networking            |
|    bare metal *nix clusters ops   |
|   programming   |   NAS systems   |
|             security              |

Nerdalize Internal Protocols

- We give credit where credit is due and ask for help when we need it.
- We are happy for other people’s success. The pie of life is big enough
  for us all.
- We do the right thing, serve the greater good in our decisions.
- We share our ideas, speak up for what we believe in,
  and survive arguments.
- We trust our colleagues and customers and actively seek to
  understand them.
- We are willing and eager to learn from each other.
- We are honest with each other and ourselves.
- We are passionate about what we work on and take pride in what we
- We are self-starters who thrive on autonomy, and perceive “chaos” as
  an opportunity to shine.

Get in Touch

Sounds to cool to be true? Come see for yourself! Get in touch and
we’ll show  you around (coffee/tea/beer/wine provided).

Contact us over SMTP at, hit us on ##nerdalize
on freenode, give us a call at +31153010022 or look us up in
the RIPE database (AS50770).