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Welcome to the Nerdalize cloud

We’re trying to make computing as easy and straightforward as possible. In just a few steps you’ll be ready to use our computing power. All you need is a Nerdalize account and a Docker image.

Getting started

  1. Get a Nerdalize account.

    First things first. Have you already signed up to get a Nerdalize account? If you have, you’ll have an email with all you need to know. If you haven’t yet, you can sign up for early access.

    We’re currently activating accounts slowly, so we can make sure that all our users get the support they expect. That’s why you might not immediately get access. If you have a great use-case, get in touch and we might be able to expedite your account activation.

  2. Download and install nerd, our command line interface.
  3. Run your first workload. Try our quickstart to learn how.


Nerdalize Compute utilizes Docker to and run and scale applications. You provide the Docker image, we provide the computing resources.

To find out more about Docker and using it to run your own software on Nerdalize Cloud take a look at our Docker guide.

The Nerdalize cloud

Nerdalize compute resources aren’t located in datacenters. Instead, our servers are used as aided heating systems in homes. Not only do we avoid the cost and CO2 emissions of building a datacenter this way. It also means our resources are distributed, resulting in better reliability, redundancy and availability.

Take a look at our overview to learn more about our resources, infrastructure and security.