About Nerdalize Cloud

We are working hard to provide you with the best performing resources for the best price. Read more about the configuration and specs of our compute resources, network and storage to find how it fits your compute project. Any questions? Feel We are always happy to answer them. Find how to get in touch on our contact page.

Compute resources and pricing

At Nerdalize we offer a set of standard instances. The following table shows pricing of predefined machines configurations based on an on-demand usage. Custom machine types can be configured on request. In case of the purchase of dedicated instances over a longer period of time, discounts can apply.

All our motherboards contain Intel® Xeon® processors with 40 vcpu, 64GB RAM, 500GB SSD Disk and a chip speed of 2.40GHz.

All pricing is excluding VAT and in euros unless stated otherwise. It is possible to receive bills in euros and dollars where the current conversion rates apply.

Machine TypeVirtual CPUsMemoryPrice per hour (EUR)
NLZ-10.404064GB€ 1.03
NLZ-10.202032GB€ 0.515
NLZ-10.101016GB€ 0.258
NLZ-10.558GB€ 0.129
NLZ-10.223.2GB€ 0.052

Custom configurations are available on request.

Network resources and pricing

We don’t believe in difficult network pricing models. Your data is yours and should be obtainable by you, without hidden costs. Therefore we made our network pricing easy and understandable. No costs for ingress, never. Egress is always priced at 0.045 euro per GB.

Storage resources and pricing

Storage should be available and reliable. There is really not that much more to it. Therefore we offer you one type of storage. Nearline storage for € 0.016 per GB per month. As much as you want for as long as you want it.

Regions and availability zones

All Nerdalize Compute Resources are located in the Netherlands, Europe. Nerdalize instances are distributed throughout the Netherlands to guard reliability, redundancy and availability.


Cloud security is a high priority at Nerdalize and strong effort is put into data protection.

Authentication and authorization

By managing users, roles and access policies, Nerdalize offers you a way to manage access control on your data.

  1. Setting up user accounts and permission enables you to define and manage access.
  2. Two-factor authentication is set in place to ensure trusted access by verifying the identity of your users

Through file activity tracking, changes to data can be audited. This enables you to retrieve information on who accessed and changed data in order to investigate and improve security.


Through encryption nerdalize offers you an additional layer of security on your data. All data on our network and disks are fully encrypted in order to protect your data throughout our infrastructure.

Physical security

All our hardware is physically secured and monitored. This physical security and highly distributed network enables Nerdalize to safeguard your data while protecting it from downtime.