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Understanding Docker

The Nerdalize Cloud Engine utilizes the technology of Docker and containerization to ship to and run and scale applications on our infrastructure. You provide the Docker image, we provide the computing resources.

Not familiar with Docker yet? Get started in a few steps.

  1. Start with downloading and installing Docker.
  2. Learn about images and containers.
  3. And learn how to build your own images.

Need help containerizing your applications? We offer in-house trainings, open workshops and support with building Docker images. Leave your request here and we are happy to help!

Make your container compatible with the Nerdalize platform.

The Nerdalize platform has a simple contract with you, the creator of a Docker Image. If your container image can take an input argument and execute a single task, then it should work on our platform.

Pushing your Docker image to a registry

Once you have created your Docker image and have verified it works on your local machine, it’s time to push it to a registry where it will be available for Nerdalize servers’ to fetch.

Popular choices are the Docker Hub and