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Cloud Servers

Running applications in the cloud is straightforward with Cloud Servers, which are virtual machines that allow you to run basically any application that you want on a variety of operating systems.

Cloud Servers offer a variety of configuration options, including CPU count, memory, disk size and operating system. You get root access to your servers and each one has a public IP.

When to use Cloud Servers

Because you have full (root) access Cloud Servers allow you to configure your machine in any way you like. You can run any software that’s available for the provided operating systems, including Docker, Kubernetes, etc. That’s perfect when you want complete control over your servers.

If you’re looking for an easy way to use Kubernetes, we’ve got that for you as well. Or if you want to run (batch) computations, simulations and analyses, our tool called Nerd can help you out.

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Getting started

If you haven’t used virtual machines before, we’ve got a guide to help you get started.

Get started

Already know how to use virtual machines? Just head over to our portal to create a Cloud Server.