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Part 1 — Setting up

Before you can start using Cloud Servers, you’ll need to make sure you have an SSH key on your computer. You’ll be using that to connect to your Cloud Servers.

Get access to the Cloud Servers Beta

At this moment Cloud Servers are still in beta. If you you’re not part of the beta yet, you can request early access on the portal.

Go to the portal Right-facing arrow

Generating an SSH key

To generate an SSH key you’ll need to open your computer’s terminal. If you’re using Windows, you can follow these instructions using Git Bash. Get it here Right-facing arrow

To create an SSH key, run:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa

When prompted for a location, press enter to accept the default location. Then, when prompted, fill in a password to secure your SSH key and press enter again. You can also leave the password empty, but we don’t recommend it.

Adding your SSH key to your account

To use your SSH key to authenticate to Cloud Servers you create, you’ll need to add the public key to your Nerdalize account.

  1. Get your public key by running:

    $ cat ~/.ssh/
  2. Add your SSH key on the portal.

    On the portal, click “SSH keys” in the sidebar and then “Add SSH Key”. Paste the output from the command in the “Key” field and give your key a name.

You’re all set

Perfect. You’re now all set to start creating Cloud Servers. Let’s continue to the next part to learn how to create and use a server.