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Using compute units

Now that you know how to use datasets, you may want to limit the resource consumption of your workload. Nothing simpler!

Run it on Nerdalize

For your workload to know how many compute units to use per task, you just have to specify the number using the --size parameter. It’s good to know that if you don’t specify any size, your tasks will use 0.5 compute units by default.

  1. Create a workload with a custom size.

    $ nerd workload start <image> --input-dataset=<dataset_id> --size=2
    Workload created with ID: eb3979c15ad13d1234b4
  2. Try to start at least one task, as in the simple start to actually use your compute units.

  3. Go to the portal and see your project usage!

Good to know

If you try to use more compute units than your account limit, your tasks won’t be able to start. Also, if you don’t want to take up compute units without anything running, don’t forget to stop your workload once your tasks have finished!


You’re now all set to fully configure your workloads. You can go through our applications guides to find ready-to-use applications or, if you want to use your own, learn how to use private images.