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CLI Reference

Our Command Line Interface, nerd, allows you to interact with the Nerdalize cloud and run your compute jobs. This reference provides detailed documentation of all the available command and subcommands, and their various options.

Global options

The following options are supported by all commands:


nerd dataset <subcommand>

Upload and download datasets for tasks to use.

dataset download

nerd dataset download <dataset-id> <output-dir>

Download data from the cloud to a local directory.

dataset list

nerd dataset list

Show a list of all datasets.

dataset upload

nerd dataset upload <path>

Upload data from a directory to the cloud and create a new dataset.


nerd login

Start a new authorized session.


nerd project <subcommand>

Set and list projects.

project list

nerd project list

List all your projects.

project set

nerd project set

Set current working project.


nerd secret <subcommand>

A secret can be set to access a Docker registry (type registry), or to store sensitive information.

secret create

nerd secret create <registry> --type registry --username <user> --password <pwd> OR nerd secret create <name-for-secret> <key=value> [more]

A secret can contain either credentials for a registry, or key-value pairs that will be made available in your worker.


secret delete

nerd secret delete <name>

Remove a secret.

secret describe

nerd secret describe <name>

Show more information about a specific secret.

secret list

nerd secret list

Show a list of all secrets in the current project.



nerd task <subcommand>

Manage the lifecycle of compute tasks.

task create

nerd task create <workload-id> -- [cmd [args...]]

Create a new task for a workload.


task describe

nerd task describe <workload-id> <task-id>

Return more information about a specific task.

task list

nerd task list <workload-id>

Show a list of all task currently in a queue.

task stop

nerd task stop <workload-id> <task-id>

Abort any run(s) of the specified task on a queue.


nerd version

Check the current version.


nerd worker <subcommand>

Control individual compute processes.

worker logs

nerd worker logs <workload-id> <worker-id>

Return recent logs from a worker.


nerd workload <subcommand>

Control compute capacity for working on tasks.

workload describe

nerd workload describe <workload-id>

Return more information about a specific workload.

workload download

nerd workload download <workload-id> <output-dir>

Download output data of a workload.

workload list

nerd workload list

Show a list of all workloads in the current project.

workload start

nerd workload start <image>

Provision a new workload to provide compute.


workload stop

nerd workload stop <workload-id>

Stop a workload from providing compute capacity.

workload work

nerd workload work <workload-id>

Start working tasks of a queue locally.